Bus Service changes from Monday 24th April 2017


Service 71/71A - Hereford - Credenhill

New journey 09:05 City - Credenhill (Mon-Fri)

All inbound 71A journeys after 15:30 (Mon-Sat) will run via the Whitecross Road as service 71.

Some minor retimings to journeys between 15:00 and 17:00 (Mon-Fri)


Service 72 - City - Bobblestock

Outbound journeys at 06:47 & 07:07 from City (Mon-Fri) withdrawn.

Outbound journeys at 07:47 & 08:17 from City on Saturdays withdrawn.

New early morning 72B journeys from Holmer Starting Gate on Monday to Saturday.

Journeys from Bobblestock to City after 15:00 (Mon-Sat) retimed 2 minutes earlier.

Westfields loop to be served only hourly during off-peak 09:30-14:30 (Mon-Sat) and these journeys will be numbered 72C.

New journey 21:40 City to Moor Farm and return (Fri-Sat).


Service 74 - City - Newton Farm

Revised 15 minute service 07:30-09:00 and 16:00-17:00 in school holidays.

Revised 15 minute service 14:00-15:00 (Mon-Fri)

ALL evening journeys withdrawn from Broad Street and Bridge Street.

New journey 22:05 City to Newton Farm and return (Fri-Sat)


Service 75/75A/75B - Hampton Park - City - Belmont

07:51 from Belmont to Hampton Park to run earlier to Shirehall on school days due to traffic delays.

Outbound journeys to Belmont before 09:30 (Mon-Sat) will no longer serve Hunderton.

Some minor re-timings to peak journeys with afternoon peak journeys from Shirehall to Hampton Park to be 16:15, 16:45, 17:15, 17:50 and 18:25 (Mon-Sat).


Service 77/77A - City - Bobblestock Circular

17:31 Number 77 from Bobblestock via Venns Lane to City withdrawn (Mon-Sat)

17:15 departure retimed to 17:20 (Mon-Sat) and journey will continue to City from Bobblestock via Widemarsh Common on Monday to Friday.

15:15 Number 77A withdrawn on Saturdays and replaced with new 15:00 number 77 full circular journey.


Service 78/78A/78X - City - Rotherwas

08:05 journey from City to depart at 08:00 and to return via Red Hill replacing 08:20 number 79.


Service 79/79A - City - Putson & Red Hill

The 08:20 journey (Mon-Fri) is withdrawn and replaced with diverted 78A.

Journeys via Stanberrow Road will run hourly only from 09:55 - 13:55 Monday to Friday and 09:45 - 13:45 on Saturdays and will be numbered 79B.

New journey on service 79A at 18:15 on Saturdays.


Service 81/81A - City - College Green

Revised morining peak timetable (Mon-Sat) with all journeys before 09:00 running from College Green to City centre only.

Revised afternoon timetable from 14:00 (Mon-Sat) with extra running time and slightly reduced frequency. Journeys after 17:00 will run from City to College Green only.

Most peak journeys will run as service 81A. No change to daytime timetable 09:03 - 13:33.


Service 88/88A - City - Putson

17:15 Journey on Saturdays to run as service 88 and the 18:15 journey is withdrawn and replaced with an 18:15 departure on service 79A.


Service 447/449 - Hereford - Clehonger - Madley/Bredwardine

Revised morning and afternoon peak journeys on Monday to Friday.

Revised afternoon peak journeys on Saturdays.


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