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Lugg Valley Travel Service changes


The following changes will be made from Monday 20th January 2020:


Services 401/404 Leominster Town Service (Barons Cross)

The following journeys will be withdrawn on Monday to Friday:

09:30 journey from Barons Cross to Leominster Bus Station.

The 10:03, 11:03 and 12:03 journeys from Leominster Bus Station to Barons Cross, and Morrisons and return departures at 10:15, 11:15 and 12:15.


Service 490 Leominster - Ludlow

The following journeys will be withdrawn on Monday to Saturday:

09:35 Leominster to Ludlow.

10:15 Ludlow to Leominster.


Service 492 Leominster - Hereford

The 08:15 Leominster to Hereford journey will be withdrawn on Monday to Friday.

The 09:12 journey from Hereford to Leominster will now operate on College Days only.

The 16:00 journey from Leominster to Hereford will now run on Sturdays only and also on Monday to Friday in College Holidays.

A new journey will now operate at 16:30 from Leominster to Hereford on College Days.



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